Friday, July 22, 2005

VAN crew photo

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Wow look at the whole crew & our liason's from Vancouver.  From Left to Right, 

1st Row/Top:  Cpt. Rafael Mendez, Jim Rich (Blacksmith), Nickolas Williams (Bosun's Mate)

2nd Row: Bill of Rights Captain Christopher Trandell, Valerie Harms (Purser), Michael "MacGregor" Hicks (Engineer), Bill Robinson (Vancouver Laison and Volunteer), Michael Kellick (First Mate), Shawn Siak (Vancouver Liason & Volunteer),

3rd Row: Victor Eskinagi (Volunteer), Noriko Imada (Volunteer),

4th Row: Shawn Jonutz (Bosun), Veronica Milewska (Volunteer), Nathalie Reginster (Steward), Guillermo Aponte (Cook), Slavek (Volunteer)

Bottom: Spidey & Bryce Potter (Medical Officer)


This was the crew as of Port Alberni... But as you know crew changes.  We say good-bye to our awesome Vancouver Liasons/Volunteers and welcome two new members: Jason Williams (ASTA Intern) & Tally Locke (Volunteer that we stole from schooner Zodiac)

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