Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tall Ship Sailors Breed Again

Please welcome Ewan Everett Deppe into our extended tall ship sailing family! He's guaranteed to be the kind of sailor who kicks butt like his dad and who can find things in the bilge easily like his mom. Ewan can be identified by all the fancy knitted garb he will be wearing (made by mom).
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Ms. Noelle and the littlest Deppe are coming to visit the tall ships today. Give her a break and don't ask her to perform any tricks (like I always ask her).

Friday, July 29, 2005

New Links

In the links section on this page you can now find the Channel Islands and San Pedro Tall Ships Challenge schedule.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bill's First Years

An alumni Bill of Rights crewmember found this site and emailed me a few days ago. He has permitted me to post his emails...

"I was amazed to see that the hull was now painted white. The hull I remember was new wood and beautiful."

"My memories are that I sailed with some of my pals from the Kent State Univ. Sailing Club for two weeks, spring 1973. We met the ship in Annapolis where it was "winter docked". We were 20 miles off the coast of Maryland, headed for Martha's Vineyard, when we ran into hurricane Agnes. The gails blew out two jibs and the rear main sail. For almost four days, we road it out with up to 50" swells. I still have a piece of that main sail (Hood) framed on my office wall."

When I was onboard, we had an yawl boat hanging off the rear. Interesting the things you save. I still keep a red striped "Crew Bill of Rights" tee shirt (circa 1973). I climbed the 100' mast and was mesmerized with the moving sea under me and an outstanding vista around me. I have tucked away a 1972 edition of "Sailing" magazine where they did a two page story. I get out every so often..."

---read other stories about Hurricane Agnes-----

I asked Michael if he knew anything of the rumor that Bill of Rights was modeled after the "slavers" of the late 1800's, and although it was a while back, I queried as to whether he might vaguely remember any other facts about Bill's history...

"Answers... Yes, Joe Davis said that the ship was fashioned after a slave schooner. The area where the galley is now located was the cook's cabin..."Katie" was her name and I spent a nite there! Good times! Katie and Bill (crew members)... used to work at eastern ski areas during the winter season and crewing of large ships during the summer. Ah, what a life of the young and restless!"

"Davis' family eventually got their money from owning and operating several cemetery's in RI. Davis went to school at Brown. I believe we sailed on her it second season. I believe it stayed moored in Annapolis during the winter months early in it's life. Something to do about worms doing something to the wood... I don't know for sure."

"I was looking at the pics of the rail and I had to laugh as I spent many a day leaning on them. I still have somewhere the pics taken by me across the deck of the Coast Guard cutter (65") who came and "saved us" (Ha!!) and towed us into Ocean City."

"Very good to hear from you! Stay connected, please!"

Cheers - Mike

It gives me (Kim) a thrill to think that the boat that has kept me safe and sound through much of this year was once battling 50' swells and a hurricane a few months before I was even born! And that crew long before us were probably also called on deck in the middle of the night to gain control of shredded sails whipping out of control... Thanks again, Michael! I know the crew and all the friends of Bill of Rights will enjoy reading these!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

VanIsle Smiles Abound

First Mate Michael Kellick and treasured alum crew/GHHSA board member David Cottrell phoned me last night as the crew was preparing for her long journey south to Sausalito. Sounds like they had an incredible time on Vancouver Island. Can't wait to hear from Nathalie once they hit San Fran Bay!!
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Here's a great shot of our Polish Media/Sailing Goddess Veronica at the helm!
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Jim Rich, who used to a classical music producer and is now a professional blacksmith in a small town in Oregon, soothes us with his instrumental stylings near the mainmast.
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The crew got to hike this gorgeous waterfall on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada! Gorgeous, EH?
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Here's Bill at a small dock near on Vancouver Island.

Friday, July 22, 2005

VAN crew photo

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Wow look at the whole crew & our liason's from Vancouver.  From Left to Right, 

1st Row/Top:  Cpt. Rafael Mendez, Jim Rich (Blacksmith), Nickolas Williams (Bosun's Mate)

2nd Row: Bill of Rights Captain Christopher Trandell, Valerie Harms (Purser), Michael "MacGregor" Hicks (Engineer), Bill Robinson (Vancouver Laison and Volunteer), Michael Kellick (First Mate), Shawn Siak (Vancouver Liason & Volunteer),

3rd Row: Victor Eskinagi (Volunteer), Noriko Imada (Volunteer),

4th Row: Shawn Jonutz (Bosun), Veronica Milewska (Volunteer), Nathalie Reginster (Steward), Guillermo Aponte (Cook), Slavek (Volunteer)

Bottom: Spidey & Bryce Potter (Medical Officer)


This was the crew as of Port Alberni... But as you know crew changes.  We say good-bye to our awesome Vancouver Liasons/Volunteers and welcome two new members: Jason Williams (ASTA Intern) & Tally Locke (Volunteer that we stole from schooner Zodiac)


check out all this great Bill stuff written by the Jason, Stephen and Laura Warne:

especially this, from Laura:

"The crew members on board the Bill of Rights were pivotal in making me feel more at ease on board the ship. They reminded me that they too had once been beginners, and that it was ok to not know anything about sailing a schooner as long as you tried your best to learn and pull your weight.

Being on the ship wasn't all great, of course, but I found that the more unpleasant tasks just made me feel closer to the crew and more appreciate of the wonderful moments that followed. I began to not only understand, but also feel a part of the community that I had always heard about existing on board ships.

One lesson I was forced to learn on the Bill of Rights was trust. Sailing on board a ship involves a great deal of trust and faith in the people around you to make sure you are safe. I will always remember the night I woke up because the ship was tossing in strong swells, only to hear Stephen's footsteps above me on deck doing anchor watch. I fell asleep reassured that he would make sure everything was ok.

We arrived in Tacoma on Thursday afternoon, and I was genuinely sad to leave the crew. I was happy to see Adria, Steve and Christine again, as well as get a much-needed shower, but I missed the familiar rocking of the ship and the eclectic family I had gotten to know and care about."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

From Laura and Halie

The beautiful Ms. Laura Levin sent some pictures to post on the blog, mostly from Bill's time in Tacoma. Salty sailor Ms. Halie Duke also sent a few that she took in Port Alberni!
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Ever since Jim got onboard he's been smiling. It's great, too, because often he makes everyone around him smile as well. Jim Rich is definitely one of the coolest people on this planet.
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And then there's Shawn, a sponge for bosunry knowledge. Looks like Shawn is fixing up a new sheet/pennant for the headrig.
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Here's Captain Christopher below, plotting his course to distant foreign ports! (Canada)
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Buenas Dias Cuauhtemoc!
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Buenos noches Cuauhtemoc
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Bryce Potter, before being sucked into the bilge by the giant Cowl Worm.
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A nice shot of Chief Mate Kellick at the helm, offshore of Queen Anne Hill and downtown Seattle.
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MacGregor, always canoodling with celebrities!Image hosted by
Great shot of Nathalie and Jim at the club.
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Sailing samurai Noriko mans the foresl sheet.
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Hey I just noticed Rafqui's shirt... LoL!

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Look at our pretty girl with her lovely masts!
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Aloha to a Bill alum - Jonathan "JT" Thomas! Here is his baby, s/v Maltese Lady.
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Left to Right Back row - ASTA intern Stephan, Jimmy McManus (now on s/v Talofa), ASTA intern Jason Williams, Purser Valerie Harms, Captain Christopher Trandell, Alum Crew Laura Levin, Bosun's Mate Nick Williams, Alum Crew Jim Rich, Chief Mate Michael Kellick.

Front row - Sailing samurai Noriko Imada, ASTA intern Laura, Bosun Shawn Jonutz, Steward Kim Carver, Medical Officer Bryce Potter, Steward Nathalie Reginster, Chef William Aponte. (Missing is Rafael Mendez, Sean Patrick Griffin, MacGregor)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Update from Nathalie!

Nathalie has done her job excellently here! Yay for Nathalie! She's taken lots of photos to document the Bill's time in Vancouver. PLUS... our beloved ex-bosun Rich Sloat and his supersailor girlfriend Hallie Duke stopped by to say Hello!
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Here is Bryce putting up the Baggy Wrinkle that the Girl Scouts in Aberdeen Washington helped us make
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Here is Shawn letting our some soulful wailing on the sax on Tall Ship Island in Vancouver
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For the transit from Vancouver to Port Alberni we participated in a crew exchange with Pallada.  We gave them Nick and Bryce and they gave us the Jenyas.  (From left to right is Jenya #2 and Jenya #1)
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The bill plays host to Movie Stars in Vancouver.  Burt Renolds and the actress Leelee Sobieski came and moored alongside the bill and then toured the boat.  Even our own MacGregor was a little star struck
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Oh no! What this?Why it's the Bill crew, but I think they got lost.No actually Between Victor and Weronika they arranged for the crew to get the chance to climb the rig of the Russian ship PALLADA..  It was an amazing morning
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The 1st mate finally what the two class A ships reminded him of: Salt and Pepper.  Our Russian's response "Yes, But Pepper is better"
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Sometimes its hard to get them to come down. Here is Nick just Hanging out on the cross trees during one of our sails
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SUPER Steward down for the count.  I can now say from experience I know how she feels.  We miss you KIM.
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Wow doesn't Christopher clean up so nice I almost didn't recongnize him
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No transit would be complete without anchoring off of some remote spot so we can use and abuse the hospitality of the locals.  We offered them dinner, they offered us use of their dock and hot tub. As soon as I have a card reader suitable I will post picture of the fun that happened here. Unfortunatly my camera battery died right after taking this picture.  J


Will send you more soon from Port Alberni.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

a jacktar on solid ground

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Not every Jack Tar owns a classic Mercedes. Here's to the shipping business!

And here's to TACOMA!!! Quite possibly one of the best ports ever when it comes to crew accommodations. Laundry picked up every morning and returned (clean! free!) the next morning, trash pick up daily, plenty of free internet access, free coronas and cokes at the crew lounge on the dock by Cuauhtemoc, and volunteers and ship's liaisons that took us everywhere we needed to go, and so much more! Yay for Tacoma! Every day Bill was open for dockside tours for 3 hours, averaging 300 people crossing her decks each hour. And here's to Paulette, the volunteer who checked all the passengers in at the top of the dock and kept that end running smooth. She really freed up the stewards on board. We took plenty of volunteers and crew from other boats on our sails, making Bill a candidate for Miss Congeniality for sure.

Every day we grabbed a few hardworking volunteers to sail with us, and every day we enjoyed the company of crew from Zodiac, Lady Washington, R. Tucker Thompson, Adventuress, Talofa or Pallada during our sails as well. When word got around that we might well have the best cook in the fleet (chef Guillo!), those visiting crew stuck around for more than just sailing. More than once a Bill crew would find an Adventuress crew wandering the docks, listless and glassy eyed from lack of animal flesh. We brought them aboard and filled them with bacon and chicken. Ever seen an Adventuress crew do the Bacon Dance?

Then, the grand finale was the fireworks on the 4th of July, only to be surpassed earlier that day by a full page layout of our girl Bill in the Tacoma News Tribune! Chief Mate Michael stocked the saloon with copies of the paper, which were greeted with gasps from every crewmember as each emerged from his or her rack that morning.

This was my grand finale on Bill, but I ( Kim Carver ) am still going to be running this blog until the buyers begin their own website for her. No tall ship should be without an online presence! I want everyone to know and love Bill as much as I have grown to love her. She is my favorite boat so far, and I have grown to prefer gaff schooners overall. For those of you who also enjoy Bill of Rights enough to tell a story about her or send a photo, please do! My email link is on the left, and I need input in order to keep this blog alive! I will be calling the present crew from my home in Austin, TX, but so many passengers take photos that everyone would love to see. Email me!

My parting shot of R. Tucker Thompson's galley... The morning of the 4th I ran around to other boats to collect cool t-shirts. R. Tucker is a sweet little tall ship and everyone wishes they could crew on her now.

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Fair Winds to the tall ships in Vancouver, then Port Alberni! I already miss so many crew. Keep me updated!

Love, Kim

Monday, July 04, 2005

Life in the Fishbowl

In A Compartment there are people with bunks below the emergency hatch. Although the public is not allowed below decks, they are always trying to get a peek. Here are two little kids trying very hard to see below decks, being caught by a blinding flash that they did not expect!
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Friday, July 01, 2005

The Lovely Mathilde

Lady Alum Tuvalu and her true love Captain Micah Faust just had a baby girl: Mathilde Azriel Faust Allnut. Happy Birthday Mathilde!
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I Love the Smell of Tacoma in the Morning!

Smells Like Team Spirit! Woohoo! I think every private boat in Tacoma came out to visit the tall ships. This was, by far, our favorite!
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Here's Sara, just returned from Spain, conversing with the Cuautemoc crew.
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A little cosmetic damage to our port bow - we want to look our best so Cap and Shawn stayed up LATE fixing it for parade day.
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"Amazing Grace"
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Not sure on the name of this one.
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The mate called for everyone to fly their Tins'ls.
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There's the Cuauhtemoc sailors.
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Accepting the award for Seamanship with Style....
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Tacoma had a big spaghetti dinner laid out, with COLD coca colas (!) and lounge music!
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Meet the ASTA Interns...

We were able to spend four days with some great people working as American Sail Training Association interns this summer. Laura, Stephen and Jason lived in A Compartment with most of the Bill crew, doing galley duty, cleaning heads, working as deckhands, and getting a lot of sailing knowledge from the mate while getting some great sailing experience with the crew. Most of them are not experienced sailors, but they probably felt like they were by the time they left!
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Above is Laura, Below are several mixed crew: Grif is sitting, left to right standing is Raf, Stephen, Noriko, Jason, Rosie and Valerie.
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Here's Jason again, working hard and looking good doing it!