Friday, July 22, 2005


check out all this great Bill stuff written by the Jason, Stephen and Laura Warne:

especially this, from Laura:

"The crew members on board the Bill of Rights were pivotal in making me feel more at ease on board the ship. They reminded me that they too had once been beginners, and that it was ok to not know anything about sailing a schooner as long as you tried your best to learn and pull your weight.

Being on the ship wasn't all great, of course, but I found that the more unpleasant tasks just made me feel closer to the crew and more appreciate of the wonderful moments that followed. I began to not only understand, but also feel a part of the community that I had always heard about existing on board ships.

One lesson I was forced to learn on the Bill of Rights was trust. Sailing on board a ship involves a great deal of trust and faith in the people around you to make sure you are safe. I will always remember the night I woke up because the ship was tossing in strong swells, only to hear Stephen's footsteps above me on deck doing anchor watch. I fell asleep reassured that he would make sure everything was ok.

We arrived in Tacoma on Thursday afternoon, and I was genuinely sad to leave the crew. I was happy to see Adria, Steve and Christine again, as well as get a much-needed shower, but I missed the familiar rocking of the ship and the eclectic family I had gotten to know and care about."

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