Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello, about the BoR girl

I had an experience on the Bill of Rights too. From January 1994 till November of 1994. It was the greatest experience. Course I didn't think so at the time. Being there with Visionquest and all. But, there hasn't been a day since that has gone by when I haven't thought of my being there and the traveling and experience it gave me. Wish I could go back and stay longer this time. But, as we all know. Life goes on. I'm sad to her that the old girl isn't still taking out the kids and helping them to grow, learn and experience life as she once did for me. Anyway, if you would like any other info or stories about my time on the BoR. Or were one of the crew on it with me. Please feel free to email me. MsMAReilly@ Thanks. And if you ever got to experience a ride on the BoR. I hope you loved her as much as I did.
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