Friday, August 19, 2005

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Pretty soon Captain Christopher will be released from the hospital and taken home. His house has been set up to accommodate him, and his roommate, family and friends are going to take turns being there to help out when he needs something.

Many people have been emailing me, asking to pass along their well-wishes to Christopher. So Christopher: Mark Griffin over in the Med. sends a "get well soon" to you, and good old Krunch is on the Sullivan right now and sends warm thoughts as well. Hopefully you have read the nice words on the Lady Washington site from Mark Olson and Haida Bob. Plus Jonothan Thomas called me and said he'd checked in on you and that your pain rating was 2 on a scale of 10, so he was relieved to hear that. We hear you're on a morphine drip, so enjoy that while it lasts!!!

The rumor that you are going to be good as new by Christmas is going strong now, so you have your rehabilitation work cut out for you!


Patti said...

So sorry to hear about Captain Christopher. I last saw him while the Tall Ships were in Puget Sound. Get well soon!

rosemary o'brien said...


Stick to tall ships from now on. At the helm, a broadside wouldn't do you nearly as much damage. =p

Best wishes. I expect you to be making "prop wash" for new crew for many years to come, so stay away from motorcycles. Get well.