Saturday, August 06, 2005

D + H + E = :)

Just read on Alexa Chipman's site that Bhodi is flying to Europe to join Pride II ! That boy gets around, eh?

I spoke with Nathalie on the phone from Oxnard two nights ago. They had an excellent sail south from Sausalito, and plenty of time to restore their energy while there. Michael Kellick is loving being mate on Bill more and more, Jim and Victor have left the boat - so sad to see Jim Rich go! And as usual, Valerie is driving the cook to drinking.

Ha ha just kidding. No, not really. Not really kidding I mean. Well hey, that's life on the high seas. We have our ups and downs but we're all in it together and we're closer than most people's families nowadays. There's days when you want to ring the neck of that shipmate who is complaining or being a slacker or acting moody, but when the stuff hits the fan and the sail blows apart at 2 am and all hands are called on deck, or when the craziest current or wind is holding you off that dock for an hour, I can't think of one person on board right now who wouldn't jump in and do whatever it took to keep the boat and their shipmates safe and sound. I realized yesterday that most people I know on land have almost never been dirty, hungry and exhausted all at the same time. But so often THAT is life on a working tall ship. Call me crazy, but somehow I've gotten to the point where dirty, hungry and exhausted equals happiness!


Anonymous said...

And wet! Don't forget wet.
D+H+E+W = :)

Bonnie (Lady groupie)

Anonymous said...

No... Victor is still on board, It was Jim and Slavic that left... :(


Doak said...

Hey, I'm going to Europe too!!!! :D I've also accepted a position on Pride II and will be flying to England to meet her there, then touring the Med and taking her across the Atlantic to... where else but Puerto Rico before back up to Maryland. Miss you all and keep dropping lines (email that is) so I know what's up.