Thursday, August 18, 2005


Our beloved Captain Christopher Trandell has been well tended to by the staff of Harbor-UCLA in Torrance, CA, and his crew, family & friends, including Miss Laura Levin and Steve Dilley. Laura and Steve came to be there for Christopher as soon as they heard and have been providing tons of support.

He was in surgery for 9 hours, and all his broken bones were reset during that time. After resting in intensive care for a day, he's been moved to room 17 on the 3rd floor of the west wing (rm 317-W ?) and has been told that he can put absolutely no weight on his foot for the next 8 weeks. After that it's physical therapy. Knowing Christopher's excellent health, I'm betting he'll be up and around by Christmas - maybe even back behind the helm? Let's hope.

The crew of Bill of Rights is kind of in limbo, as the Puerto Ricans have not gathered the resources to finalize the sale, and the contract with GHHSA/Lady Washington is over. We should assume that they are not getting paid and are wandering the streets between Harbor General and the schooner, where some of them shack up at night. If you see a lost sailor, take them in, feed them, let them check their email, do laundry, and watch a little TV.

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