Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bad News...

Schooner Bill of Rights Captain Christopher Trandell was in a motorcycle accident last night. He was broadsided, basically a car t-boned him on his bike. His whole Right side is seriously injured; Broken Femur, Broken hip, his lower leg broken in two different spot, broken bones in his foot, and the foot was torn open.
Please think good thoughts and a fast recovery. Lots of prayers!
Will update as soon as I know anything. Promise. You can also call me for more info tommorrow.

---Christopher Trandell is currently at Harbor - UCLA Medical Center (AKA Harbor General).
If you would like to send a card the address is:

County of Los Angeles Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
1000 West Carson Street
Torrance CA 90509

phone: (310)222-2345


Erin and Bhodi said...

That really sucks.

If anyone sees him, please give him my best wishes.

-- Bhodi

Melani said...

I have been away during the summer and haven't check this site for a while, but just heard from Nathalie about Capt. Chris's accident. Best wishes from me too, and I'm sure we'll see him back in one piece soon.

Sounds like Erin and Bhodi have some exciting times as well. Gald you're in one piece, guys!

Melani, SF Bay