Saturday, March 12, 2005

Oakland, CA

Saw this sailing near the marina...
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The brig's crew bent on a different topsl. This brig goes through main topsls like our Bosun's Mate Erin goes through Starbucks coffee. This is a view from the Barnes & Noble in Jack London Square this morning.
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Shiny and Myuh in Myuh's office, the engine room on the brig. He likes it so much here, he has a cot he can sleep in. Notice the Crocodile Hunter strapped into the exhaust..
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We thought we might use the cot as a body bag, just like the old days. Please, Shiny... no stitch through the nose...
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Brig cook Rachel did some nice artwork on Shiny's hand
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Haida Bob with his usual radiant smile, greeting visitors
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Bosun's Mate Erin working on Bill of Right's mainsl
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Mate Jim and Bosun Rich sanding our main boom
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Jack London Inn donated 2 hotel rooms to the boats for a week! Yippee! And today is my day off, so here I am, updating the site!
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Halie Duke said...

Hey Kim!
Nicely done with the site. It's good to see everyone again, even if it is in still frame reality.

I'm out here on the Schooner Sultana right now. Far, far away from my home and families on the Lady and Bill.
First day of work for me tomorrow.
Maybe I should set up one of these accounts as well. My camera is off getting the lense repaired, so there wouldn't be pictures for awhile.

Which reminds me, post more pictures of Rich! heh... or maybe you could send me some. I miss the guy, just a little.

I'll keep checking in on the site, and I'll let you know if I set one up for The Sultana.
Missin' most of you ;)
-Halie D

halieduke @ hotmail . com

Anonymous said...

I say hot damn that is a fine woman! rrrrrrrrrr.