Monday, February 28, 2005

Sailing on 2/27/05

Scott Swaaley with Haida Bob, furling the forecourse on the Lady
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Passengers ready to sail on Bill of Rights
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Just outside Morro Bay
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Captain Christopher Trudell giving his safety speech
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I loved Shiny's pigtails too much to not post them...
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Anonymous said...

You guys rock! I wish I were there. Give Star a big hug for me. I'm going to school at Clatsop Community College, getting my Licence. Thourghly depressed, miss boats, and tallship sailors... "Mariners" and tall ship sailors are totally different animals... "Mariners" say "Brick Shit House" when Tallship sailors would say "Bully Boy". "Mariners" Say "Come along side and toss 'em lines" Tall ship sailors say "raft up" . I miss you guys.
P.S. Kisses for Jesika