Monday, February 28, 2005

Flying Dutchman

Last night we used our gift certificates at Flying Dutchman cafe for
desserts all around. Here's BoR bosun Rich, Lady mate Eric Allen, BoR
2nd Mate (not second rate!) Bhodi, Bosuns Mate and 2nd Mate's Mate Erin
Doak, 2 Lady crew who's names I'm not sure of...
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Lady Education Officer Insane Elaine Eno, BoR volunteer Nathan "Indiana" or "Indy"
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I think Bhodi or Erin drew this. Nicely done!
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the rest of the crews. Captain Evil, Lady Mate Brian and Engineer Myuh

wrote a chantey to the tune of "Boyz in the Hood" and gave us all

a performance last night.
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