Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Welcome Back Nate!

Our beloved crewmember from the Lady, Nate Killops, as well as alumni Lady crew Phineas (AKA Michael) Macgregor and of course John Morrisson are here, eating some of Natalie's great food, along with Shawn (not pictured). It's so great to see Nate back after his long european trip!
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photo courtesy of maintenance volunteer Jonathan Thomas. Thanks Jonathan!

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John "Boy" Morrison said...

Bill of Right will be finally give up her title: "Best looking barge in Grays Harbor"
The Masts(new fore, old main) will be going in Saturday Morning around 10am at the Sierra Pacific pier on the Chehalis river in Junction City. Capt. Christopher Trandell will be arriving tonight and steping back to the wheel for the big day.
The Bill of Rights Crew meet with Capt. Victor this week who is hoping to by the Bill. His plans include community service programs, as well as courses for college credit on board durring the school year. If Capt. Victor decides to by bill then he will be taking her to Pourta-Rico, so watch the ASTA billet for that trip.