Friday, May 06, 2005

The Boy is in charge!

John Boy said...
Bill the Barge!Bill's sticks are out, down, and a new one coming off the lathe today. Les is going to try and sell her old foremast to the mouse and make some money on her. We're all doing well here... Although JP is leaving us tomorrow morning and will be sorely missed. Tomorrow is a big day for the Bill. We are getting 22 men, 2 teams, from Washinton Department of Corrections-- Yay Orange Jump suit day. So today has been mostly prep work for tomorrow. We'll be having them Scrape, Sand, Wire brush, haul, lift, paint, oil, shovel, and whatever else we can think of. Cheers to all my old crew.
Love ya Kim
John Boy

In case you are not wont to open "comments", I have copied and pasted this informative comment from The Boy, as he's running the show down in A-Town! Hopefully we'll get some updates from Natali, Shawn, Mark Toy and whoever else is helping fix up our girl Bill.

I just finished 3 days of volunteering aboard the 1877 barque Elissa down in Galveston, Texas! Read more about that here. Their new rigger, Dave Mowr, wanted me to pass along a greeting to Bill captain Christopher Trandell, as they used to crew together aboard AJ Meerwald. Dave is the most experienced tall ship sailor they have at Elissa. He recently crewed aboard Denis Sullivan with Karen "Jellyfish" Clapp, as well! Sounds like they had fun.

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MacGregor said...

It sound as though you are having a great time, Am curious if you shall return to us with a new texan accent? I shall talk to you soon, hope all is well.
Cheers for now MacGregor