Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Facts ala Potter & Parrot

Hi Kim! I have information about Bill for all hands...or at least anyone who's interested.

My co-op project from summer was just recently returned to me. As it turned out, the gentleman who read and graded it, Dan Parrott (author of Tall Ships Down, if anyone's read that...if not, you should), used to be Captain on Bill, back when she worked for Vision Quest. Here's Bill's early history as it came from him...

She was built at the Harvey Gamage Yard in South Bristol, ME (as opposed to the Gamage Yard in East Boothbay).

She's a type replica of a downeast cargo schooner.

She was originally built as a private passenger carrying vessel, with no motor, although she had a gig boat at the time. She also carried a pair of white sailing dories on her midship davits. One of them disappeared before Vision Quest bought the boat, but the other one should still be with her, as far as Captain Parrott knows. She carried passengers until the early 80's.

Vision Quest bought her in 1986 and installed the engine.

That's it for now...I'm midway through finals week here, hope everyone is doing well. I'll be in Tahoe for Christmas and New Years...if anyone's in the area, stop by and say hi!


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