Tuesday, November 15, 2005

it lives! IT LIVES!

at long last... 
Captain Christopher is speaking out!
No more do we have to ask our friends
"hey, so how's Cap?"
"did you hear anything?"
"have you seen him?"
"how does he look?"
here he is to dispel all the rumors....!

(drum roll......)


yes yes, i know, christopher is finally answering
emails?! My God, man, it must be the end times!
say to yourself "I must repent!".
anyway, enough of that...

for those of you who are pissed of at me for my
silence on matters medical, past and present.

I apologize, sincerely.

my only caveat is that spotty communication via
e-mail is the price one pays for the mistake of
being acquainted with me. and never mind the
NSA scrutiny, you shouldn't even notice.

right, some of you don't know that i was in a
motorcycle accident aug 15, the monday after
LA Tall Ships. i was in 9.5 hours surgery and now
have more stainless steel in my right leg than
the terminator (the first one, not t3).
11 days in the hospital and home on the 22nd of aug.
it was a relatively slow speed accident
and i pulled my leg out of the way in time,
but the car hit my foot and the force went right
up my leg. soooo, i was in ugly shape for a bit.

Now, the bright side... i did not hurt my: head, neck, back or pelvis.
No other damage, only a slight road rash on my elbow. thats it. now,
i am healing so fast that i can walk (sort of), i am on crutches and
walking with them. i was never in a cast and within 3 weeks i was only
wearing a sock to bed (well, not ONLY). i do have some impressive scars
on my foot and hip, and you guys know that 'chicks dig scars'. i am
going to the gym 3-4 times a week and swimming well. i don't have any
real pain, its a little achy and tender in some places, but, it is
healing rapidly. amazingly enough, i did not blow out any joints and my foot
escaped devastating damage (ie. multiple surgeries or amputation). so,
the prognosis is close to 100% in a year or so, and up and about within
6 months. i am shooting for sooner than that. however i am not stupid
and understand what the limits are.

bright side #2... The US Coast Guard granted a 6 month extension on my
deadline to test for the 1600 ton license upgrade on my Captains
license. My friend tamara sent ALL of her study material for my my
educastional edification. my friend and landlord, melissa is in the process of
selling the house i livein, booo. however, I would be out sailing
somewhere when it all went down, and how would i be able to pack and
where would i go, on short notice or time constraints.. so, i now have
time to settle my affairs and figure it all out. high price to pay for
time, but, lets face it, the glass should to be half full.

I must say that my local friends have been heroes in taking care of me
and making sure i was comfortable. my parents flew in to help out and
my aunt and uncle and cousins came out as well. those friends who are
far away and knew sent your love and support in various ways, and those
who did not know, well, i realize how poorly i handled that aspect of
the whole thing. as some of you know, or have discovered, i don't
communicate well.

for those of you who are curious about what i was up to this summer,
tall ships 2005 in the pacific northwest. you can go to
schoonerbillofrights.blogspot.com or bobandshawn.com (click "gallery") and see some
wonderful pictures and read about the cool times we had.

right. so, i am flying to oakland for thanksgiving, i have family
there. and home to houston for christmas.

some of you i owe much more than a group e-mail. i think you know who
you are, i do to. baby steps.

ta for now,
i hope that i may see you all out there soon.

i love ya,


ps take you r time writing back, other wise my in box will be like
reading moby dick, set aside a lot of time.
(oh, yeah, i have a lot of time)


Master, S/V Bill Of Rights

---if you would like Christopher's email address, please drop me a
line at kim(at)ladywashington.org and I will forward your request.

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