Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pride 2 caught in squall

I rec'd this from Nathalie Reginster today:

It is believed that Erin and Bhodi are currently crewing on the Pride of Baltimore II. They were supposed to join her crew when she reached Europe. In a transit from Britain to Spain they were hit by a squall - 40 knots and seas to match. They lost the whole rig while at sea. Nobody was hurt. Apparently the bowspint carried away and the fore and main followed suite not long after. Everything went by "the board" as they say (over the side). They motored 80 miles inland and made an emergency landing in France dragging the remnants. My friend App's brother, who is also crewing said its the biggest rats nest he's ever seen. The spars have all been reduced to kindling and some of the sails are salvageable.
See the article for more info

... as far as I know, Andrew Mckee is still serving as chief mate on Pride and I also heard that Leann, formerly the mate aboard Schooner Lynx, is also aboard. - Kim


Anonymous said...

actually Leeann did not take the pride job, she is safe in PA.

Kimber said...

thanks for this comment!

Erin and Bhodi said...

Hey everyone,
Yes, we are on Pride and in St. Nazzaire France. Im sorry to say that the news article was wrong. No, not that, everyone is fine, but only the bowsprit fell off to port, the main and the fore fell onto deck. Please go to our site, and then hit the link to the Pride site. We have pictures up and a more detailed description of events. Besides that, the crew are in good spirits and working hard. Don't worry friends, if we have anything to say about it, she will sail again!

Cheers, Erin