Monday, April 04, 2005

Girlz with Gunz - that's hot

Laura visited this weekend! Thanks for the hard work Laura!
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Touchhole flame
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Nice gunz! Maybe this one should be on the Women of Tall Ships calendar?
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Quite the heel!
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Elaine & Kim. Elaine will be missed! Come back soon, Elaine!
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Laura said...

Thanks for showing my "good" side, Kim! I'm so glad I made it up there...a much needed change of scenery and of course, some time with my captain. Saturday and Sunday afternoon sails were the best I've been on in awhile. Lady and Bill crews are such fun. I'll miss those of you who are jumping ship for other adventures...or just some time to chill out from the relentless schedule! I'm sure we will meet up again.
Until June, then! Keep on taking care of each other.

J.B. said...

I'm excited I'm picking up Jesika at the train station tomorrow. Missing you all. Looking forward to the re-masting project in a few weeks. See you then

"Insane" Elaine said...

I'm re-adjusting to land life. I miss you Bill of Rights & crew! Thanks for the wonderful tour! Have a great transit!